Work Experience

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During my junior year of high school, I had the opportunity to work as a salesman at a shoe store. The store that I worked for was called the Sneaker Factory, and it had an office in Florham Park, NJ that I would work at. During my time at the Sneaker Factory, I learned customer service and sales skills. I learned that you need to respect customers and match their needs with your products.

After I worked at the Sneaker Factory, I continued to develop a passion for sales. I find it interesting to know how sales and psychology are intertwined. During my sophomore year in college, I took an intro level psychology course. In this course, I learned a lot of basic principles with regards to how the human brain processes information. I was able to apply a lot of these principles to sales. For example, You need to understand what motivates your customers and how they think. This is vital if you want to successfully sell your product to your customer.

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After my sophomore year of college, I had the opportunity to complete my first internship. During the summer, I worked as a Media Marketing Intenship for a solar company in Ithaca, New York named Intelligent Green Solutions (IGS for short). As a Media Marketing Intern, my main responsibility was to manage the social media accounts and reguarly post content through multiple channels for the company. I managed IGS' Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts through a service called Hootsuite. Above this paragraph is a post that I created. My boss emphasized the purpose of interactive and attention-grabbing media content.

In addition to posting social media content, I was also responsible for creating a press release and researching local companies to help advertise us. For the press release, I created it in order to advertise that we were going to be at the local Apple Festival in the Fall. We went to the Apple Festival to help increase brand awareness and find potential customers. The press release helped to advertise our presence to the local community. For the research, I helped find local organizations that we could partner with to find more customers. We picked local organizations that had customers with a similar to target market to us. From there, we created business cards to leave at the front counter of these organizations. This helped us to find more customers.

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In the summer before my senior year in college, I completed an Externship with AT&T. Covid caused numerous cancellations of internships and made it difficult for college students to improve their resumes over the summer. I spent hours researching internships to do, and many options were limited unfortunately. AT&T decided to offer an 80 hour learning academy to help students like me who couldn’t find internships. Throughout the Learning Academy, I learned from guest speakers, modules and articles. We learned about 5G, the internet of things and how to find a job in a difficult market.

Overall, this experience was really meaningful to me and I was happy to learn so much. I was really nervous about getting an internship that summer, and so I was lucky to find a way to improve my resume. Covid was and still is a massive problem in our country and in the world unfortunately. I was really grateful that AT&T helped students like me who struggled over the summer to find new experiences. Tens of thousands of students ended up doing the program with me, and so this shows how meaningful the program really was.

Volunteer Work

Hands in 4 Youth

During my senior year in high school, I volunteered for a non-profit named Hands in 4 Youth. This organization works to provide inner-city kids an opportunity to spend some time in the summer in the outdoors. I volunteered with two of my friends and we dedicated 100 hours of work to the organization. We ended up doing landscaping such as weed wacking, leaf blowing, lawn mowing and site cleaning. The experience was really meaningful to both me and the organization and I would love to do it again!

Eagle Scout

In addition to my volunteer work at Hands in 4 Youth, I also did volunteer work during my time in Boy Scouts. During my senior year in high school, I ended up becoming an Eagle Scout. This was a massive goal of mine, and it was something that I wanted to complete for most of my life. As an Eagle Scout, you must do a lot of volunteer work to advance through the ranks. You must help improve your community. It meant a lot to be able to truly help someone who needed it, and I'm so happy that I could have a positive impact on my team.

Eagle Scout Requirements
More Information on Eagle Scouts

I was a member of Troop 277 in Kinnelon, but I began scouting when I was only seven years old. I was originally part of the Cub Scouts, which is the organization that comes before joining Boy Scouts. My father was also a Boy Scout, but he never made it to Eagle Scout. He ended up being just shy of gettting the award, as he quit scouting as a Life Scout. I made it a goal of mine to finish what he couldn't finish, and spent a lot of my childhood striving to become an Eagle Scout. My Eagle Project was a shed that I built from scratch for a local church. It required hours of planning and intensive labor. The Eagle Scout reward takes years of dedication and hard work. It's one of my greatest accomplishments and something that I'm really proud of.