Kinnelon High School

I grew up in a small suburban town in northern New Jersey named Kinnelon. I went to Kinnelon High School (KHS for short), and had a graduating class of about 200 students. My school wasn't very big, but there was still an opportunity for growth.

At KHS, I took a lot of meaningful classes that helped me learn and grow as a student and person. Some of my favorite classes were AP Spanish, Creative Writing, and Business Law. I like Spanish a lot because it allowed me to get out of my bubble. We dove deeply into other cultures, and it was nice to have a new experience. I also like Creative Writing because I enjoyed the freedom to write what I wanted. Most writing in high school is restricted to certain topics and fields, so having more freedom on what I wrote about was impactful. Lastly, Business Law was another class that really struck my interest in high school. We learned about how and why organizations and people sue. We also learned about the rights and laws that are in place in this country. I took this class my senior year, and I think that this started to spark my interest in the Business major.

Ithaca College

After graduating high school, I decided to go to Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York. I picked Ithaca for a couple of reasons. To start, I picked Ithaca because they have a lot of majors. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to study when I left high school, and so I figured Ithaca would be a good choice since they have so many options. Ithaca also has an exploratory program, which allows underclassmen to try multiple classes in their college experience. I also picked Ithaca because I wanted to get further away from home. Ithaca isn't super far from New Jersey, but it is decently far and a lot different. Lastly, I picked Ithaca because I felt that the track and cross country teams were inclusive and friendly. This is important because moving from high school to college is a big adjustment.

While studying in Ithaca, I ended up choosing the Business Administration major. I'm really happy that I picked this major because I've enjoyed many of the classes that I've taken. It's also important to note that Ithaca College is a liberal arts college. This means that you take a wide range of classes outside of your major. Some of the classes that I enjoyed are U.S. China Relations, Environmental Science, and Web Development.

Business Administration




One certification that I’ve completed in college is my Microsoft Excel Associate. I achieved this in a class I took called Business Analytics and Technology. I am now capable of making tables, organizing pivot tables and sorting data in excel.


Google Analytics for Beginners

One of the classes that I'm currently taking is called Marketing Analytics. In this class, we learn about trends in advertisement and data in general. One of the ways that you can keep track of this information is through Google Analytics. This program can let you know if your advertisements or websites are hitting the target that you desire.


Advanced Google Analytics

In Marketing Analytics, one of the requirements is to get both your Google Analytics for Begginers and your Advanced Google Analytics Certifications. I got both of these certifications earlier this semester, and I learned a lot after completing these requirements. I think the key takeaway from these certifications is the importance of managing and organizaing your data through a dashboard. Data is everywhere, and so you need to make sure you are interpreting the right way.




In terms of extracurriculars, one of the organizations that I'm a part of at IC is YEO (Young Entrepreneurs' Organization). This organization meets weekly to talk about the steps involved with creating a business. We have guest speakers and regular discussions to help us become better entrepreneurs.

Peer Advisors

Another organization that I'm a member of is Peer Advisors. I've been a member of this organization since my sophomore year in college. In this club, we help freshmen in the business school settle into college. Each Peer Advisor is assigned a group of freshmen and we answer all of their questions. We meet with them and make sure that they have a smooth adjustment into college. Moving from high school to college is a difficult one, and I'm happy that I can make others make the transition easier. It has been especially difficult for freshmen this year since Ithaca College went remote this year. Connectin with others and adjusting to college is essential.

Data Analytics Club

Another organization that I'm involved with is the Data Analytics Club at Ithaca College. This is a new club that was just formed this fall. The organization seeks to help analytics student with course material. It also has some guest speakers that come in and talk about analytics and statistics. Lastly, the club does projects to help sort and analyze data. One of the projects that we did this semester involved baseball data. We had the baseball coach at Ithaca College come in and give us his team's data. From there, we worked to run regressions and analyze the data to tell us a story. Data is everywhere, and so you need to make sure you are interpreting the right way.


The last organization that I'm a member of is SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). I joined this organization this fall and I'm a member of the marketing team. This means that I frequently post social media content to make people aware of events and guest speakers that we are having. We post on Instagram to make engaging content for our followers to interact with.